Products, Prices and General Information
Small Memorial Card Prices - Minimum 30 cards
30 + cards - $0.85 per card

Large Memorial Card Prices - Minimum 32 cards
32 + cards - $1.10 per card

Memorial Bookmark Prices - Minimum 16 bookmarks
16 + bookmarks - $2.25 per bookmark

Thank You Card Prices - Minimum 20 cards
20 + Thank You Cards - $0.50 per card

Lamination - All cards and bookmarks, except  
folding cards and thank you cards, are laminated.
Small Cards - Click here to order these cards!
Size of Card: These cards are the size of a business card (2"x3.5").

These cards fit easily in a wallet or purse to be carried forever. The
cards are easily portable and look great! These cards are good for
dozens of different backgrounds, endless quote or prayer options
or a biography, and a picture of the one you've lost.
All small cards
are laminated.
These cards must be bought in groups of 10.
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Large Cards - Click here to order these cards!
Size of Card: These cards are the size of a standard memorial or prayer card  

They may be used in place of, or in addition to, traditional funeral and
prayer cards. You can use any of our backgrounds on these cards,
and they can hold longer prayers or poems than the small cards.
large cards are laminated.
These cards must be bought in groups of 8.
We laminate all of our cards and bookmarks! This keeps
the cards perfect forever, and you never worry about them
getting wet, tearing, or just falling apart!  
All cards except folding cards and thank you cards are
Shipping Information and Charges
Shipping and handling costs will be added directly onto the total
cost for the cards. We ship the cards the same day the order is
received if the
total order is in before 2 pm, this includes
sample approval. For orders received
after 2 pm, they are
shipped the
next day.

You may pick between our two shipping options:

  • Express Overnight (FedEx or USPS) - $25.00
  • Priority Mail (3 to 5 days)- $7.00

We ship from the Pennsylvania. For orders outside the US,
please email us for information on shipping prices.

** We use USPS Express Mail or FedEx as our overnight carriers,
depending on time needed for delivery. Express mail can be
delivered on Sundays in some larger cities.
Express Mail delivery on Sunday is an extra $12.50 fee due to
USPS fee increases. If you would like Sunday delivery (if it is
offered in your area), please let us know. **

Express mail orders must be completed by 10 am EST on
Saturdays. This includes ordering and sample approval (if
requested). The USPS closes at 12 pm EST on Saturdays.
Memorial Bookmarks - Click here to order these bookmarks!
Size of Bookmark: 2.25" x 7.5".

A choice of a personalized bookmark allows for more text than a
memorial card. This will be especially good for the medium and long
prayers and poems. Email to ask about double sided bookmarks.

You may choose a tassel to be put on the bookmark
if you wish. Gold and silver available.

Bookmarks are all laminated.
Order Cancellation

If you cancel an order after you have requested a
sample and a sample was emailed to you, there will be
a $15 set up fee charged to you. We will refund your
money, minus the $15 charge.

If you cancel an order already printed but not mailed,
we will charge you
$20 for a set up and supply fee.
Thank You Cards - Click here to order these cards!
Size of Thank You card: 4" x  5"

The cards are 4.5" by 5" when folded. They are cream colored
paper, with a gold foil frame around the outside edge of the front
of the card. Send your memorial card in these personalized printed
thank you cards that can be sent after the funeral or memorial
The minimum order is 20, must be ordered in groups of 2.
MoMorial Cards
General Information
Small/Large Memorial Key Chain - Click here to order
these key chains!
Size of Small Key Chain: 1.25" x 1.5"
Size of
Large Key Chain: 2" x 3"

These memorial key chains are a lovely reminder of a passed
loved one that you can carry almost anywhere! Protect your
memorial, while taking it with you wherever you go! The size
indicates how large the inner printed section of the keychain is.
Memorial Vinyl Window Decal - Click here to order these
Size of the decal (depends on amount of text): about 10" x 6"

These memorial window decals are a beautiful way to honor
someone who has passed. The memorials are cut using outdoor
quality vinyl, and will stick to your car window for a lasting and
visible memorial to your lost loved one. The size of the decal will
depend on how much text is chosen, as well as the use of any
clip-art. They will be between 6" x 6" and 10" x 6".
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products. You can find out the prices, as well as card
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