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These memorial cards were created out of our own loss.  A
young girl named Maureen Higgins, beloved daughter and
sister of the founders, Kathy and Kerry,  was diagnosed with
cancer in October of 2002 at the age of 18. She passed away in
March of 2003, and these remembrance cards were something
that family members created for her funeral. We wanted a way
to personalize Maureen's memory for everyone that attended
the funeral.

Kerry came up with the idea of a memorial card with Maureen's
picture on it and her favorite saying which was "Happy Day"
added to it. There were a total of 19 different cards printed for
the funeral. Each card had Maureen's picture on it along with a
quote or verse that spoke to us about Maureen's unique

We had cards about her funny side, her artistic side, her VERY
loving side and some with quotes about missing a loved one.
Each card was unique in that it touched each person differently
depending on how they interacted with Maureen. Each person
could pick a card that spoke to their heart.  We asked the
funeral director to display the cards during viewing hours.  

The cards became a big hit, and we found everyone going
around reading all the cards to find the one that best suited
their memory of Maureen. Everyone remarked about how the
cards could give them a special memory of Maureen that they
could carry around with them. They loved the idea of the
convenient business card size and that Maureen's picture   
was on it. These cards gave us a chance to let Maureen's  
wonderful personality shine through one last time.

After a few years of talking about the cards, it was finally the
right time to begin this new project. Kerry and Kathy work side
by side to provide the cards to help families like theirs cope
with the loss by celebrating the unique personality of their own
special someone. They hope they help those families to find
solace and hope, as well as the knowledge that their
contribution to cancer research will do some good for other
Where We Send Our Charitable Contributions
We contribute a percentage of our profits to the Dana
Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA.
Kerry Higgins Banik lost her battle with cancer as a result of Li
Fraumeni Syndrome on Janurary 2, 2014. She was 30 years old,
married and the mother of 2 beautiful little girls
. We have
decided to carry on with the business to honor both of the
girls. This our way of honoring their memory and helping
others through their grief. We hope these cards help ease
the pain of losing a loved ones, even if just a little bit.