MoMorial Cards
Memorial Window Decals
These memorial window decals are a great way to
bring the memorial with you everywhere you go!   
Use on your car window, on your bedroom window,
or on a wall in your home. The decals are made from
a vinyl approved for use outside, so they will stay
beautiful through any kind of weather.
Available Decal Clip Art

Check out the decal clip art we offer below,
and then get started on your order form!
Sample Decals

Here are a few examples of the basic layout
of the window decal.

You can modify the remembrance phrase at the top, names,
dates, and the clip art. Let us know if you have any special
requests or suggestions!
We can create your decal from a template from our
site, or let us know if you have something else you
would like to try!

We offer these decals for $10.00 each, and we can
send you a sample of the decal design before we
print and ship.

Please scroll down to look through some examples
of the layouts, as well as the clip art you can use in
the center of the decal!

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Angel Wings and Halo
Two Hearts
Praying Hands