Religious Backgrounds 2
MoMorial Cards
These pictures may be used as a background for the
cards, or used alone on the front. It is a wonderful addition
to any card of a person deeply devoted to their faith.

Copyright  2006 Momorial Cards, LLC - All Rights Reserved

Angel Figure and Clouds
Mystical Gate
Sepia Cross
Jesus in Blue Oval
Gloria in Excelsis Deo
Irish Angel
Angel Memorial Stone
Virgin Mary and Cherubs
Cross with Blue Sky
Dove of Peace
Eden Stairs
Cross Carved in Stone
Stained Glass Mary
Jesus Carrying
Stone Cross
Sepia Sunset and Cross
Shining Cross on Black
Stone Jesus
Jesus with Starburst
White Cross and Lily
Cross Against Sky
Footprints in Sand KAB
Candles and Rosary
Light Gray Heavenly Scene
White Cross and Rosary
Victorian Angel
Angel with Scroll and Book
Angel with Pink Cross
Cross and Flowers
Cross and Sky JSH
3 Crosses and Trees
Steel Cross and Trees
Cross in Water Daytime
Wings and Halo