Texture Backgrounds

Copyright  2006 Momorial Cards, LLC - All Rights Reserved

These are some of the texture backgrounds available for use on
the cards. You may choose one of these or send us a picture you
would prefer to use. These images may be "tiled" or duplicated to
better fit on the card.

Remember the name associated with the picture you want.
You will have to have that name later on when filling out the
order form
Butterfly - Green
Butterfly - Yellow
Silk - Black
Butterfly - Pastel
Silk - White
Silk - Green
Silk - Light Blue
Silk - Peach
Silk - Pink
Silk - Red
Silk - Dark Pink
Light Textured Background
Red Velvet
Blue Lights and Stars
Blue Heart Shaped Cloud
Vines and Wooden Frame
White Flower Frame
Blue Marble
Green Marble
Brown Marble
Red Marble
Blue Wrinkled Paper
Blue Fiber Background
Pink Wrinkled Paper
Tan Wrinkled Paper
Gold Fiber Background
Pink and Green Fiber Background