Thank You Card Verses

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1) The family of _______ wish to thank you for your
sympathy. We greatly appreciate all your kind words, food
and monetary donations, generous donations of your time
and the beautiful floral arrangements we received. We realize
how truly blessed we are to have such wonderful friends
during times like this. Your expressions of sympathy will
never be forgotten.

2) We lost a wonderful man/woman who can never be
replaced. During these days and weeks following his/her
passing, we have been blessed with the loving embrace of
our family and friends. It is during these difficult times that we
see how lucky we are to have been blessed with a loving
family and wonderful friends. Thank you very much for all
your sympathy, it is greatly appreciated.

3) The family of ______ wish to say thank you for all of your
support during these difficult times.  ______ was a special
part of our family who will live on forever in our hearts.
She/He was blessed with so many great friends. We want to
express our heart-felt gratitude and say thank you to each
one of you for making this difficult time a little easier. He/she
will have a special place in all our hearts, and through our
cherished memories she/he will live on forever.

4) The family of ________ would like to thank everyone who
sent beautiful floral arrangements, food and monetary
donations, called us with a kind word, sent a card or was just
there to help with anything that needed to be done. The
sudden loss of _________ was made a little easier with the
love and support we received from our friends and family.
Your expressions of sympathy were greatly appreciated and
will never be forgotten.

5) The family of ________ wishes to acknowledge with
heartfelt appreciation your kind expression of sympathy.
6) There are no words that seem adequate enough to say
thank you to everyone who expressed their sympathy during
the loss of our beloved _______. He/she was a wonderful
person and through the memories that she/he gave each of
us, she/he will live on forever in our hearts.
The family of _________

7) God has called ___________ home. She/he has taken a
place in Heaven next to God. She/he will never be gone if we
keep his/her memory alive in our hearts. The family would
like to say thank you for all your sympathy and will never
forget all the kindness shown during our loss. It was greatly

8) There is an native American quote that states “The day
you were born, you cried and the world rejoiced. Live your
life so that when you die, the world cries and you rejoice”.
The family of _________ wishes to say thank you to
everyone who sent a card, called with a kind word, sent food
or monetary donations, perhaps a beautiful floral
arrangement or donated your time to help the family through
this difficult time. We all feel truly blessed to have known
_______ and we cry for our loss but rejoice in his/her new
place in Heaven.

9) The family of __________ wish to thank you for your
sympathy . We greatly appreciate it.  
You can choose one of the following verses for your thank
you note, or you can write your own text.

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